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Learn PHP from the basics, through cutting edge topics, and on to certification. Each course offers real-life examples and interactivity to provide a robust and hands-on training experience, to sharpen your existing skills and add new ones.

PHP Course Content

Core PHP

  1. Introduction
    • Evaluation of Php
    • Basic Syntax
    • Defining variable and constant
    • Php Data type
    • Operator and Expression
  2. Handling Html Form With Php
    • Capturing Form Data
    • Dealing with Multi-value filed
    • Generating File uploaded form
    • Redirecting a form after submission
  3. Decisions and loop
    • Making Decisions
    • Doing Repetitive task with looping
    • Mixing Decisions and looping with Html
  4. Function
    • What is a function
    • Define a function
    • Call by value
    • Call by reference
    • Recursive function
  5. String
    • Creating and accessing String
    • Searching & Replacing String
    • Formatting String
    • String Related Library function
  6. Array
    • Anatomy of an Array
    • Creating index based and Associative array
    • Accessing array Element
    • Looping with Index based array
    • Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
    • Some useful Library function
  7. Working with file and Directories
    • Understanding file& directory
    • Opening and closing a file
    • Coping ,renaming and deleting a file
    • Working with directories
    • Building a text editor
    • File Uploading & Downloading
  8. Mini Project (With file Handling)
  9. State management
    • Using query string(URL rewriting)
    • Using Hidden field
    • Using cookies
    • Using session
  10. String matching with regular expression
    • What is regular expression
    • Pattern matching in PHP
    • Replacing text
    • Splitting a string with a Regular Expression
  11. Generating Images with PHP
    • Basics of computer Graphics
    • Creating Image
    • Manipulating Image
    • Using text in Image

Advance PHP

  1. Introduction to OOPS
    • Introduction
    • Objects
    • Declaring a class
    • The new keyword and constructor
    • Destructor
    • Access method and properties using $this variable
    • Public ,private, protected properties and methods
    • Static properties and method
    • Class constant
    • Inheritance & code reusability
    • Polymorphism
    • Parent:: & self:: keyword
    • Instanceof operator
    • Abstract method and class
    • Interface
    • Final
  2. Exception Handling
    • Understanding Exception and error
    • Try, catch, throw
  3. Database Connectivity with MySql
    • Introduction to RDBMS
    • Connection with MySql Database
    • Performing basic database operation(DML)
      (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    • Setting query parameter
    • Join
      (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)
  • Mini Project
  • PHP++

    1. Introduction to Design pattern
    2. Implementation of DAO Design Pattern
    3. CAKEPHP 2.x
    4. Understanding of MVC architecture
      • What is CakePhp 2.x Framework
      • Cakephp 2.x architecture and its naming convention
    5. Understanding Controller
      • Request & Response Parameter
      • Controller Action
      • Request Life Cycle callbacks
      • Controller method
      • Redirection
      • Working with component
    6. Understanding Model
      • Creating Model for Database Table
      • Retrieving Data Using Model
      • Method for all Basic CURD(Create ,Read, Update, Delete)
      • Create own Model method
      • Making custom SQL Queries
      • Data Validation
    7. Understanding ORM(Object Relational Mapping)
      • Working with Simple association
      • one–to-one
      • one-to-many
      • many-to-many
    8. View
      • Working with layout
      • Create custom Layout
      • Working with Helper class
      • Creating and using user define Helper
      • Working with element
    9. Joomla
    10. Smarty
    11. Ajax
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